I think that it is the real pleasure of traveling abroad that getting an e...

If I asked someone

If I asked someone ""What is your hobby?"", I will answer ""overseas trip"". Have you been out for around 20 times so far? In the past few years, work has been busy making it difficult to take long holidays and the frequency is dropping, but sometimes I have been to the country three times a year when it is a lot. What I think is ""the real pleasure of traveling abroad"" is, first of all, ""enjoying food."" Even though I am in Japan, I can eat cuisines around the world, but when I go abroad it is not just restaurants but dare casual shops that local people dare use on daily basis I try to experience. There are stalls, food courts, etc., and I will tell you what I would like to eat with gesture gestures even if I do not understand the words. In the case of unknown cuisine, we also teach local people about how to eat, and communication is born there. If food meets your mouth even in countries you visit for the first time, you can usually like that country. Tasting the first dish as Alecolle while drinking the local beer in the local area ... In Asia etc., surprisingly the price is cheap, and I think that it is a benefit unique to overseas travel.

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